Midwest Auto & Diesel Repair Lifetime Injector Warranty Policy

At Midwest Auto & Diesel Repair we are confident that if done correctly the first time and maintenance is done properly your injectors should last a lifetime. We use all genuine Motorcraft parts on our Ford injector jobs and all OEM / Bosch parts on our Gm and Dodge Injector jobs. The only non-factory parts will be our Air Dog fuel supply systems. We install the latest Air Dog system on all of our lifetime warranty injector jobs to ensure a clean, air free fuel supply. We will stand behind our injector jobs for as long as you own your truck with a full parts and labor warranty.

Maintenance & Repair -All the following must be done at our facility to maintain warranty

  • 7.3l / 6.0l- oil changes every 5,000 miles
  • All engines- fuel filters changed every 10,000 miles
  • 7.3l / 6.0l- any work that would require any oil or fuel component to be removed must be performed at this shop.
  • All common rail systems-any work that would require any fuel system component to be removed must be performed at this shop
  • Fuel testing done every 25,000 miles, fuel and oil done on 7.3l / 6.0l engines

Warranty limitations

  • Fuel contamination of any kind-water, metal debris, bio diesel, particles, ect will void warranty
  • Warranty will not cover damage from other failed components, injection pumps, engine failures, ect.
  • Warranty does not cover damage to other components caused from failed injectors
  • Warranty is voided if injectors are damaged from running fuel tank low on fuel or injection pump failure
  • Fuel system repair of any kind done outside of this shop will void warranty
  • Engine repair of any part that is oil lubricated or touches engine oil on 7.3l / 6.0l done outside of this shop voids warranty
  • Warranty does not cover towing, lost wages, food, lodging, shipping costs, fines or any other byproduct of parts failure outside of the injector itself and the labor to replace.
  • No tuning above 75 hp
  • Race plug installed on common rail will void warranty
  • Any tamper seals broken will void warranty
  • Warranty is non-transferable
  • Upon receiving truck at the shop for a warranty claim we will verify complaint is fuel injector related , scan ECM for codes and run full spectrum fuel tests on the fuel in both the tank and after the filter, and verify correct pressure and volume to the injection pump and or injectors. If all tests pass then the fuel injector will be removed for bench testing. Once the problem injector has failed the bench test then it will be replaced at no cost to the customer.
  • If any fault is found outside of the injector itself or the Air Dog lift pump motor then all costs, including fuel system testing, ECM scans and verification, will be the customers responsibility

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